Category: Alumni PhDs

  • Boran Lee

    Ph.D., January 2023, Princeton University Research Scientist at AstraZeneca“Benzyldiboronates: Exploring the Reactivity and its Application in Ketone Synthesis & Effects of Pincer Rigidification on the Reactivity of Cobalt Complexes”

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  • Tyler Pabst

    Ph.D., May 2022, Princeton UniversityPost-Doc at UC Berkeley with Polly Arnold“Mechanism and Origins of Regioselectivity in the Catalytic C(sp2)–H Borylation of Arenes by Cobalt and Iron Complexes”

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  • Peter Viereck

    Ph.D., January 2022, Princeton UniversityScientist at Janssen“Cobalt, Iron, and Molybdenum Catalysts for the Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Alkenes and Arenes”

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  • Sangmin Kim

    Ph.D., June 2021, Princeton UniversityPost-Doc at UCLA with Alex Spokoyny“Catalytic Hydrogenation of Metal Nitrides to Generate Ammonia Using Transition Metal Hydrides”

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  • Aaron Zhong

    Ph.D., June 2021, Princeton UniversityPost-Doc at ETH Zürich with Bill Morandi“Cobalt-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Alkenes: Catalyst Development and Mechanistic Investigations”

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  • Nadia LĂ©onard

    Ph.D., June 2019, Princeton UniversityPost-Doc at UC Irvine with Jenny Yang“Cobalt and Nickel Catalysts for Arene Borylation and Alkene Hydrofunctionalization”

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  • MátĂ© Bezdek

    Ph.D., June 2019, Princeton UniversityAssistant Professor, ETH Zürich“The Interconversion of Ammonia with Its Elements by Molybdenum Complexes: Fundamental Investigations”

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  • Neil Palmer

    Ph.D., June 2017, Princeton UniversityUniversal Display Corporation“Design of alpha-Diimine Cobalt and Nickel Precatalysts for the Synthesis of Alkylpolyboronates“

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  • Jennifer Obligacion

    Ph.D., June 2017, Princeton UniversityAssociate Principal Scientist at Merck, Rahway“Base Metal Catalysis for the Synthesis of Organoboron Compounds”

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  • Max Friedfeld

    Ph.D., May 2016, Princeton UniversityPost-Doc at University of Washington with Brandi Cossairt“Cobalt-Catalyzed Alkene Asymmetric Hydrogenation”

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